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Area Benefits

A project spanning over 10 years in the making, the Runway 18-36 Extension Project officially broke ground in March 2021.

The Morgantown Municipal Airport Runway 18-36 Extension will enhance and modernize the airport’s facilities to maintain current operations, recruit new business, and improve airport safety.

Maintain Current Operations

The Morgantown Municipal Airport (MGW) offers daily flights, operated by Southern Airways Express, to Washington Dulles Airport (IAD) in Virginia and Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) in Pennsylvania. Regularly scheduled flights will continue to run throughout the majority of the Runway Extension Project. Extending the runway by 1,001 feet grants us the chance to continue to provide dependable flight opportunities to the City of Morgantown and surrounding areas, accessing more space for airplane landing and takeoff.

Interested in flying out of MGW? Check out our flight options.

Recruit New Business

Based on its number of aircraft operations, MGW is the busiest airport in West Virginia. BUT, the existing runway is currently the shortest commercial airport runway in the state. By extending the runway, MGW can welcome new flights to our airport, specifically business flights. The extended runway will, in turn, inspire businesses to see Morgantown as an area for business opportunity and growth, noting the easy and quick access to Morgantown and surrounding communities via the MGW airport.

Improve Airport Safety

Passenger safety is a top priority at MGW. Extending the runway provides more space for jet operators as they take off and land at the airport. The extension will be beneficial during inclement weather conditions, such as snow or fog.

Community Support

The Runway Extension Project introduces exciting opportunities to our community and beyond. The runway extension is supported by West Virginia University, the Monongalia County Commission, The Morgantown Area Partnership, Star City, and the City of Westover.