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1,001 Feet to Opportunity

Runway Extension Project logo

The Runway Extension Project is a five-year initiative taking place at the Morgantown Municipal Airport – the busiest airport in West Virginia. Its goal is to extend the current runway by 1,001 feet, creating a safer takeoff and landing space for outgoing and incoming flights.

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Map of the plan for the Runway Extension Project

Glimpse into the Future
Runway Extension Project Plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will the airport remain open during the project?

Yes! The Morgantown Municipal Airport will continue to run its regularly scheduled flights throughout the entirety of the Runway Extension Project.

Why is the Runway Extension necessary?

Here at Morgantown Municipal Airport, your safety is our priority. By adding an additional 1,001 feet to our runway, we are further enhancing our airport safety to ensure your trip is a breeze, from departure to arrival.

Will I hear construction as the Runway Extension is being built?

Certain residences near the Morgantown Municipal Airport may hear machinery throughout the project, but the construction will only occur during the City of Morgantown’s daytime construction hours. Want to be the first to know about construction updates? Click here to sign-up for email and text alerts.

When will the project begin?

Phase 1 of the Runway Extension Project began in March 2021.

Will the Runway Extension Project affect driving time near the Morgantown Municipal Airport?

No, driving time on the main roads around the airport will not be affected by the Runway Extension Project.