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MGW Runway Extension Project Construction: Phase 2 Bid Opening

Bid opening for the Morgantown Municipal Airport Runway Extension Construction, Phase 2, took place on April 28, 2021. The bid opening was broadcast via Facebook Live on Morgantown Municipal Airport’s Facebook page.

During this event, Jonathon Vrabel, director of the Morgantown Municipal Airport, with the assistance of Amy Cobasky, financial manager of the Morgantown Municipal Airport, opened contractors’ bids for Phase 2 construction. Vrabel read bids aloud, stating the contractors’ names and their corresponding bid costs.

Twelve bids were opened and read, including one unresponsive bid. Therefore, the bid opening yielded 11 responsive bidders. The next step involves the Runway Extension Project team gathering to evaluate the bids and discuss their selection. Once the bids are decided upon, an announcement will be made to the public.